My missed misscarriage

Hey  everyone! My name is Randi! I just started to make this blog about trying to conceive after miscarriage because it’s something that’s always heavily on my mind. January 4th 2017 I found out I was pregnant for the first time!  I was so excited and couldn’t wait to tell my husband Joel. I always had visioned telling my husband in a fun creative way, so in order to do that I had to keep this a secret from him for a few days!  I ordered this cute little onesie that said hello dad with cute little notes and I put it in a box wrapped it and gave it to him as a present. I even got it on tape and he thought I was lying lol and that it wasn’t true. The video isn’t as good as what I hoped so I never shared it with anyone.

Next was telling our parents! My parents already have 7 grandchildren so I knew they would be excited but not as excited as his parents as 1st time grandparents! Their reaction was the best! His mother ran home and posted it on social media before I even could! So that forced me to share the news with the world a little sooner than what I planned!

Everything was going great! At 15 weeks we found out we were having a baby GIRL! And we decided to name her Masyn Lynn. She was my whole world. At 17 weeks she was moving all around and sucking her hand, it was the most amazing thing to see. At 19 weeks I had went in to an ultrasound at a 3D imaging place and I noticed she looked odd, she wasn’t moving which was weird. Then I noticed her heart wasn’t beating. The tech told me I should call my doctor and go in right away. Once I left I called crying and i went in to confirm that there was no heart beat. Worst day of my life.

This all happened on Monday April 17th 2017. I had surgery scheduled for Friday April 21st 2017. My littler girl was gone…. just like that. It has now been 6 weeks past my surgery. Man that time flew by. Just thinking I would have been 25 weeks pregnant right now. I miss her so much. Joel and I decided we would try to conceive again as soon as possible, not to replace my angel but to have a sibling as odd as that sounds. We are ready for our rainbow.


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