Month one TTC

Doctor said I was clear to try again whenever I was emotionally ready. I miss my baby more than anything. It’s amazing the bond you have with your baby almost immediately. I’m ready to feel the again. I’m ready! Joels ready! We want this. We want a healthy baby. So we have started trying to conceived again. Is it scary? Hell yes it is. I haven’t had a cycle yet but who knows really when that will happen but it’s possible to conceived before that happens.

When I got pregnant with Masyn, I was so happy, the kind a happy that you want to share with the world. I didn’t take in consideration of other people’s feelings. The woman who cannot have children, the woman  Who has a reoccurring miscarriages, but now I do. It’s not that I’m  not happy for people who are pregnant because I am. I am just so very sad for myself. I have learned to enjoy all the bad things that come along with being pregnant. for example; no drinking, the aches the pains, being tired or not sleeping at all, being hot moody, everything! No complaint is going to come from me next time around ( if I’m blessed enough to conceive again )

keeping positive!


6 thoughts on “Month one TTC

  1. You are blessed to have such a beautiful and precious angel. You will be great parents Randi and Joel! When the time is right, your newest bundle of joy will come along. I am
    so happy you’re willing to share your story to maybe help those who haven’t had the courage too or are too afraid. Sending love and positive prayers.

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  2. I absolutely can not wait to get the call that you are coming back to see us at Sneak-A-Peek! I have no doubt we will be seeing you guys again and I’m so excited for your new journey to begin!!

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