No, not everything happens for a reason.

IMG_3400Well… here we are. Starting all over…. I have learned a lot about pregnancy from this misscarriage. I’ve done lots of research, read lots of other woman’s stories.  Usually there is something wrong with either the mother or baby for something like this to happen. For me and my Masyn, she was perfectly healthy and so was I. When the doctor did my surgery he noticed her cord was right at my cervix. I guess that’s not normal and he says that it got under her and tucked into a bad spot which caused her to not get all the nutrient and oxygen and blood flow she needed. It pisses me off that she was healthy….. of course that’s great she was healthy but would it have made it easier if there was something wrong with her knowing she wouldn’t have the best life and maybe it was for the best. But No! My sweet HEALTHY baby died… Everyone says, get past the 1st trimester and then you are in the clear. Ummmm excuse me? What happened to being out of the danger zone for me? I was 19weeks pregnant when I found out my baby died a week earlier. I’m sorry but now I know THERE IS NO SAFE ZONE  when it comes to pregnancy. Anything can happen at anytime! One thing that pushes my buttons is when someone says… trust gods plan, everything happens for a reason.. NO… fuck that. Sorry for the language but  no….


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