Intuned with my body

I notice literally everything that is going on with my body. My 1st pregnancy I noticed annoying pains on my left lower pelvic, then obviously tender breasts, and no AF. This time around I’m over here thinking everything is a pregnancy symptom lol maybe it’s because I don’t know when my AF will even be here .  I’m even more weird about every symptom cause I think it’s pregnancy haha. The past two days I have had a metal taste in my mouth…. never had that before. I have good dental hygien so I don’t think it’s my gums or anything. What in the heck is it?!? I’m still having some annoying pain on my ovary area. Then again all this could deff be related to the fact I had a D&E 6 weeks ago. Hormone changes and what not. Stay tuned …. lol


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