The father hurts too

I have been with my husband a total of 7 years this September. In 7 years I have never seen him cry…. until the day we lost Masyn. Watching your husband cry is horrible.  He deals with things by sitting outsit in his garage either alone or maybe even having a few buddies over, not by talking about it like I do . By the time he had come inside that night I had already cried all my tears for the day, I was dried up! He was sobbing, and it broke my heart even more. I know he was excited to be a dad to her. He always wanted a boy but when we found out she was a girl he was excited. She already had him wrapped around her finger and she wasn’t even born yet. Lotss of people don’t think about the fathers feelings when it comes to loss by misscarriage, but I’m here to tell you fathers are just as important as mothers. Yes the mother deals with more emotions and physical stuff, but he’s was her dad and she was part of him too. Through the pain and the tears I couldn’t have gotten through all of it without him. He was there every step of the way, my rock. I can’t wait for him to be a daddy to a earth baby. But for now he’s an angel daddy to Masyn ❤️


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