Not giving up hope

Everyday is a constant battle. There are days where I just want to go with flow and if it happens it happen ( the best way to be in my opinion) and then there are some days where I let it consume my life ( not a good way to think ) it’s not healthy to let it take over cause then I think it will never happen. I’m probably one of the most impatient people I have ever met! Lol the 1st time was so easy, it just happened even though we were trying. I hate to sound so uppity about myself but things usually go my way one way or the other and thing just happen how I want it. My 1st pregnancy was just that. Everything was going my way and in the right direction. When I lost Masyn…. my mind turned and now I think everything is going to be a battle and my luck has ran out. If I didn’t have bad luck I wouldn’t have luck at all. Every little thing I feel going on in my body since my D&E I think something is wrong. ” what is that?” ” I think something is wrong with me” ” that don’t feel right” are a few phrases you can catch me saying now a days. I’m probably just overthinking it. 

My husband has been supportive and since we are trying to conceive again we are deff trying to have fun with it. ” wanna make a baby?” Is something we both say frequently lol ( TMI ) oh well this is my blog and I can say what I want! Lol. 

Something’s people do when trying to conceive 

Cuddling after sex? Lol NO! LEGS UP! I gotta pee but I also gotta lay here for 5-10 min before getting up.  lol I would like to say im joking but seriously does this stuff actually work? I don’t think so but us woman like to think it makes a difference. 

Tracking ovulation isn’t something I do. I’m just not that person. I just hope I know my body well enough to just know. Seemed to work for me before! 

On that note: ” let’s make a baby” 


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