Surround yourself with people who get it! 

I never would have thought that I would join a social media support group, never even thought I would be apart of the miscarriage group. I have since joined THREE, yes three. and to be honest its awesome. Connecting with women all over that are going through the same type of stuff. I’ve asked questions, told my story, and even gave advice to others.

Then sometimes you connect with women who are JUST like you, damn near same story and everything. I recently talked to a woman who lost her little girl at 19 weeks just like me. We have talked privately in a FB message. It was nice to be able to tell each other what we were both experiencing, from miscarriage to D&E to recovery.

To know so many woman go through this is extremely heartbreaking. I don’t wish this pain on anyone.

So my advice to you is. Talk about it!! join a group!! I have learned so much and gained a few new friends as well. It  has made me feel better to know that I am NOT alone in this journey.

Side note : Friday will be 7 weeks post D&E and still no sign of AF…. GRRRRR!! very ready to move forward and I cant until she shows herself!


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