Signs from above 

I am no where near religious, but lately I feel like I have been getting little signs Masyn is still around me. A feather on my back pack at work, Mind you I work in a foundry. A dragon fly while I was kayaking down the river was pretty much on my toes and paddle the whole way. As it flew away I caught myself whispering ” I miss you”. 

I truly want to believe it’s her. Whether it is or not we are just going to say it was. Gives me a little peace thinking it was her.

I don’t think she would leave her mom hanging like that. She know how much I miss her and love her. My little angel. Some may think this all sounds ridiculous but I HAVE TO BELIEVE IN SOMTHING! It’s the only thing getting me through. 

Any sings you feel are from a loved one, my advice is just go with it, believe, it’s an amazing feeling. 

SN: Today is a better day 


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