Well here we are.. Aunt Flow has returned with a vengeance. I was worried there was something  wrong with me but nope… my body is deff working. It took 8 weeks for her to return. I was dreading this day. It’s an odd feeling though. I’m so happy it’s  back because I know my body is working right and it’s an opportunity for a fresh start, but I’m sad because it’s just another reminder that Masyn is really gone. 

Let me tell you a little something about your cycle after miscarriage…. it’s heavy, and clotty, and very crampy… basically what I’m saying is, don’t piss me off today lol because I’m already not a happy camper. 

Don’t you dare ever underestimate a woman’s monthly cycle! You have no idea what she has been through or goes through! Each woman is different! 

On the bright side… here’s to a fresh start! 


3 thoughts on “ITS BAAACKKK

  1. Girl, I know what you’re saying…. The first period back is so awful!! If it helps, they do eventually stop being so terrible 😉

    Love your blog, you’re truly an inspiration 💕

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  2. Every month my period is awful. It’s probably because I’m 6’0 tall and over 200 lbs so it’s probably normal… but yeah. Guys need to respect us during this time dammit. It’s actually pretty depressing for me. I want menopause to hit! Lol

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