Stilllll waiting 

Suspected AF was due three days ago. Still no signs of her. I’m thinking my cycle is still a little screwy due to my D&E.  so honestly I don’t even know if I’m late or not. I’m just going to wait it out. Which btw is horrible lol, it’s like torture! 

I have been emotional, and irritable. Specially today. I find myself snapping, or overthinking something and getting worked up and sad about it. 

SIDE NOTE: So usually when you are pregnant you get emails from baby places and updates on your week to week status depending on if you use a pregnancy app or not.  Well I thought I unsubscribed to all of them.. SURPRISE I got one yesterday. I posted it below and let me tell you , I was instantly sad. 

The loss of Masyn has forever changed me. 

So please everyone! If you like me even a little bit lol please think of me during this … FRUSTRATED , EMOTIONAL, HARD waiting period. 


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