Month Two TTC

Not knowing my body right now it was very hard to judge how long my cycle would be or should be. Basing off a typical 28 day cycle I was 5 days late today. 

I’m going to be honest and tell you I had a REALLY good feeling. That dang, it might just be easy again. Maybe I got lucky and got pregnant again right away, but that’s not my luck. This maybe actually be harder than I thought it would be. It just wasn’t our month I guess. 

Went to a friends bridal shower today and went to the bathroom only to find out… AF had made her appearance. I actually said ” noooo” in the bathroom ( than goodness no one was in there ). My heart broke for myself and I felt the emotions run over me. I walked back out to the table trying to hide the fact that I was sad. That was short lived when my eyes filled with tears and I had to exit the room. Sounds like I was being a little dramatic but when you want something so bad, Something that you should still have, you can’t help it. I sucked it up and went back to enjoy the shower. 

I never thought I would cry because I got my period. I know life is unfair sometimes but this is fucking rediculous. 

So here’s to month Two…. there going to be a little less focus this time but the thought will still be there. 


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