Rude thoughts ( you were warned ) 

If you are sensitive right now, or pregnant for that matter. I would exit now because I will probably piss you off If you choose to continue reading.. You have been warned so don’t get mad at me for expressing my feelings about this subject. 

I was once a pregnant woman. I was once unaware of other woman’s feelings. It’s one thing when you post happy exciting things about your pregnancy, YOU SHOULD BE EXCITED!!! It’s a happy time in your life,   but it’s another when I see pregnant woman COMPLAINING about how much it sucks, and how miserable they are: ( I have been there, 1st trimester kicked my butt). Do you know how many woman would KILL to be in your shoes? How may woman would LOVE to be uncomfortable and puking and not being able to sleep. Ect ect. 

There are woman that cry themselves to sleep every night because they lost a baby, or can’t not conceive after months and months of trying so SHUT THE FUCK UP about how much it sucks. 

Do me and every other woman out there a favor and enjoy your pregnancy, the good the bad the ugly. Stop complaining. Keep it to yourself, tell your bf or husband or mom how much it sucks. Stop posting on social media where everyone can see it. When I see it I roll my eyes and keep going , it hurts. 

Remember you are BLESSED to get to experience all that comes along with pregnancy. I would give anything to be 33 weeks pregnant ( like I should be) and miserable. 

End rant … carry on. Sorry if I pissed you off 🙂


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