Making me happy

I know that not everyone is going to agree with me or feel the feelings I have. I was hoping my blog would reach people that we're in need of help. For people to realize you are not alone in the journey of loss, and TTC after loss.

I may make people mad and lash out and that's ok. I could care less about that. It's not for you, it's for me! I don't ask you to read it and I don't make you click on my link.

If you have never experience a loss then you really don't understand. If you have had no issues with conceiving… then again, you don't understand.

What people and woman need to understand is that we are all in this together. We should support one another. There is way too much hate going on. My last blog was harsh.. and I gave a fair warning not to read it if you are pregnant or sensitive in any way.

I DO think you should celebrate and be excited and share your excitement if you are expecting. Does is make me sad to see it? yes! I'm still happy for you, just sad for me. Do I expect you to complain about your discomforts? Yes. Pregnancy is hard. BUT….. with that being said my point is.. to try to respect the woman going through loss or troubles TTC. Did I say you can't complain ? NO… piss and moan away. But you won't see me feeling sorry for you. I WANT WHAT YOU HAVE!

This journey has been hard for me so far. Everyone I was pregnant with has either had their baby or are about to soon. I'm so jealous. I'm 30 years old, I have my shit together, lost a baby and I'm TTC again…. that shits not fair. There are woman out there… that are like fertile Mertile. A guy can just look at them and they get pregnant lol. I told my husband … if we were unwed teenagers we would have lots of babies by now.

I have a great support system though. That is a must! I hope everyone going through this has at least one person to talk to. I'm thankful for the army I have.

GOALS: learn to relax, go with the flow. Let my body take control

Till next time ✌🏻


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