I was assigned this Mountain

It's already August. Where has the time gone? I wonder how big my belly would have been? I wonder if she would have had those kissable cheeks your could see on the ultrasound pictures? I still just can't believe that I lost her. That sweet baby of mine.

If I do conceive I know she will be the one picking out her brother or sister. She won't let me down.

Yesterday Mossy ( my dog ) was running in the field next to my house chasing a butterfly. A pretty monarch one. I should have gotten a picture but I was too busy watching. All I could think about was Masyn. Was it her? Maybe. I like to think so.

We are slowing packing up for our move to our new house and I put all her things I have left in a box. Pictures, stuffed animals, little mittens… stuff I'm going to keep forever. I wish I could have met her here on earth. But I will meet her one day.

We are almost to our two week wait once again. These months are flying by. I have tracked my cycle and tried to learn more about my body. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻

I hope that by me going through this journey has showed people not to give up cause I am not giving up!


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