There’s something about a dog

Besides being mans best friend ( or in this case, woman's best friend ) Some say dogs have this ability …. ability to sniff out changes in the human body. Like when you are pregnant, all the hormonal changes and blood flow may just get the sniffer sniffing good and your dog will probably know you are pregnant before you even do lol. I really feel that was the case with Mossy and Russell!

Mossy isn't a very cuddly dog…. when I got home from our honeymoon she was very cuddly, and Russell well… he's always cuddly but he knew.

After I got the news that Masyn had passed in my belly Russell was right there, trying to make me feel better. He wouldn't leave my side. Crazy how dogs just know things.

This is a picture I took a day after I got the news about Masyn. My boy was right there! There isn't a doubt in my mind that they haven't helped me cope some way or another with my loss. I mean they have been there through it all with me. Breakups, moving, marriage, pregnancy, and now loss. They are my best friends.

They love kids too, I hope one day they can have a human brother or sister to play with! ❤️


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