Two week wait

I thought it would be fun to talk about that dreadful ""TWW"". I never had the tww when I got pregnant with Masyn. I never expected it to happen so fast! And honestly wasn't even thinking about it. This is now my second waiting period. Feels more like a year than 14 days.

Trying not to stock up on tests is the hard part lol. Last cycle I tested everyday I swear lol. You look at it multiple times and even go back in the trash to check it out again after you know it's negative. It's silly if you ask me. But once again if you have been trying to conceive you know exactly what I'm talking about. Last month I was secretly ordering tests off amazon ….guilty as charged. I won't be doing that this time! Lol

Trying not to over think about it is another issue. Every little thing turns into a symptom and you end up on all those pregnancy apps and sites trying to figure out if it's the " earliest pregnancy" symptom. Lol then you end up on web md and it says you have 2 months to live! Haha just kidding but seriously.

Woman that have to endure IUI and IVF….. I'm sure that's even more stressful. I couldn't imagine. I'm lucky enough to have conceived once even though it ended in a loss.

Don't test, don't stress, keep busy! Enjoy your everyday life. Joel looks at me like a crazy sometimes I swear lol.

AF due to arrive around the 17th. Fingers crossed


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