Planting our roots

Hey all! So as some of you know Joel and I bought our very first home together and we are closing on the 18th of this month! It's super exciting and it literally is our dream home! I can picture us raising a family and growing old together here.

10 complete acres for Joel to spread his wings and our dogs to run wild! I honestly can't WAIT to see how the dogs act when I let the out of the vehicle for the 1st time there. I'm hoping to get them comfortable with water because we have a FRICKEN POND! Heck yea!

This place is more that just a new home for me. It's a fresh start. A place of new beginnings. I was researching memorial ideas and the only one that stood out to me was to plant a tree for our Masyn. Get a nice plaque made, plant some flowers. This will have to happen next spring due to it being so close to fall already.

Maybe even get a nice bench to put there. Also her due date is a month away, along with Hubby and I's ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!! Holy cow! Where did the year go? They always say the 1st year is the hardest. I guess you could say that's true for us , in a way…. we suffered the horrible loss of our daughter. As for us, and our relationship, stronger than ever! Couldn't have asked for a better partner in life!

Still thinking of ideas to honor her on that day… balloon release? lantern send off? Hmmm I almost want to do something original! Any ideas are greatly appreciated. September is a big month for us. We will be celebrating us as a married couple, and honoring our daughter at the same time. Maybe dinner in our new home? A trip somewhere so I can writ her name on a seashell and throw it into the ocean? ( I want to do that so bad!!!)

TTC month TWO update: still on this dang TWW….. but….. keeping busy! Going to black lake for the union from work. Going to be nice to get away during the last week of my TWW!! Everything is still crossed! Fingers and toes! But not my tubes!!! Deff not the tubes lol

Till next time 🤞🏻


3 thoughts on “Planting our roots

  1. Message in a bottle? Buy her a star? Make a donation in her name? (Books to a local school and put “in loving memory of Masyn Gehring” or dog food to a local shelter…acts of kindness in her name) Have an animal made out of clothes you had accumulated for her and save that animal for your next child. It could become a family heirloom. Buy and wrap gifts for children at a local women’s shelter from her to the kids. Take a pottery class and make a vase and have a note etched to her on it and for special occasions (like her due date or Christmas and stuff) fill with flowers. It would be even more special if you found a flower with symbolic meaning that applies to your situation or your love for her. Maybe forget me nots because you will never forget her. Or you could even plant a garden in your new home. Flowers. Veggies. Herbs. And get a garden stone or sign (Pinterest is full of beautiful garden ideas) and name it after her.

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  2. I will say, when I was working at the Grief Center, I learned about the children’s experiences planting trees in the name of someone they lost. I really love the idea and think it’d be perfect for your new home.

    One of the families had a bench made in honor of their brother/son. They put it out by the pond. It is a very significant thing for them and seems to be a serene location they can go to think about him.

    If I have any creative ideas, I’ll let you know. Gotta think about it. 🙂 Congrats again on the new place! It’s beautiful!

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