Focusing on the good MONTH THREE TTC

It’s so hard to focus on the good in my life. I have a amazing husband, amazing family and amazing friends who all love and support me.

I have everything to be grateful for. As much as I hate to admit it but I have to be grateful for the struggles I’m going through. It’s only going to make me stronger.

New goal: FOCUS ON THE GOOD IN MY LIFE! Let go of the anger.

I know I say things that seem harsh..I don’t mean any harm. jealousy is a real thing y’all. I’m jealous. Guilty as charged.

Month three TTC will be us just working on getting our new home in order, no ovulation testing or tracking anything. No baby talk.. none! So don’t talk to me about it lol.

For all of you that have been there for me since April, sent me messages, gifts, a shoulder to cry on or even just a ear for me to talk to. THANK YOU! And I appreciate it more than you ever will know. I’ve learned that you don’t have have the same experiences to be there for someone in a time of need. Just let them talk to you. Sometimes we need to just vent, cry, scream… it’s nice to have someone to talk to.

Now let’s get back to the good. Let’s get back to me being me… I miss me…

Love you all!


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