Haven’t even thought about it

When I got my last AF I was determined to focus on the good! So far so good. I’ve been keeping busy with the move and I’m constantly running around everywhere. My mind has been so busy that I honestly haven’t even thought about conceiving this month. I’m not tracking I’m not doing anything. Just living.

My new house is awesome, I’m loving it out in the middle of nowhere. Kinda missing the fact that I can’t just run around the corner to my moms but she’s not thaaattt far away.

I haven’t even spent that much time with my husband we have both been so busy, but our anniversary is coming up and Masyn’s due date is in like 2 weeks. So crazy to me. She would have almost been here. Fuuuckkk that’s a hard pill to swallow.

I started a thing called ” ACTS OF KINDNESS FOR MASYN LYNN” I’m hoping people participate to help remember my sweet angel. Starting the weekend of September 8th I’m asking everyone to do SOMETHING kind for my girl in her name! Post it on my Facebook 🙂 or my page called acts of kindness for Masyn Lynn !



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