How do I move on?

The weekend is coming to a close and my heart felt full. I’m happy to see many people participate in my event for Masyn’s due date. Thank you to all who have done some sort of kindness even if you didn’t post it or even if you didn’t do it in her name… this world need kindness.

.. I keep thinking how my life would have been so different right now. I maybe would have had her by now but if not my bag would have been packed and we would be anxiously waiting for her arrival. I can only imagine how nervous I would have been.

Instead I’m sitting at home with a empty room, a hole in my heart and a beer in my hand.

How do I move on? How exactly is this supposed to work? How long is this supposed to take? When will I feel like myself again? I don’t think anyone can answer those questions.

Grief is a powerful thing… holy crap.


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